Fixed income

Comprehensive coverage of the bond universe with a broad range of conventional or innovative solutions, backed by in-depth research, analysis and monitoring resources.

A benchmark player

An experienced management team

The Fixed-Income Department was set up when CPRAM itself was established, more than 30 years ago.

The management team and the credit strategy team operate in an international universe and exploit many sources of added value.

Considerable credit research capacities

Corporate bond issuers are selected by the managers on the basis of a dual credit research mechanism.

This combines Amundi's considerable resources and its credit research desk with the proximity of CPRAM credit strategy department, which is fully dededicated and integrated directly into the management team.

A management process that has proven itself

The approach developed by CPRAM combines the know-how and in-depth knowledge of management teams on the asset classes they work with, as well as an ongoing risk-management framework. 


Coverage of the entire bond spectrum

Government bonds

Management based on both long-term macroeconomic views and short-term tactics to take advantage of the main market opportunities in various economic cycles.

Corporate bonds

A strategy backed by our stable and experienced credit research team, which covers both the developed and emerging markets.


An active strategy of long exposure to international real yields.