Our ESG approach

Responsible Investment and integration of ESG criteria are now hallmarks of our philosophy and our decision-making.

A risk-based approach to ESG

approche ESG

Sustainable creation of financial value and risk-prevention are not possible by a mere positive selection of the best issuers. They also require the exclusion of issuers having the worst practices. An issuer is rated on a set of generic Environmental, Social and Governance criteria, as well as on criteria that are specific to its sector of activity. To obtain an issuer's final score, the extra-financial team weighs criteria based on their knowledge of the issues connected to each sector. Companies' exposure to risks and opportunities in each of the three dimensions (E, S and G) are assessed, along with how they manage the challenges they face.

Materiality is a hallmark of our philosophy

In addition to the overall extra-financial research of issuers through a final score, we believe it is essential to also evaluate practices based on a selection of the most material ESG criteria. In doing so, we look at the five critera deemed key within each sector, backed by a skilled research team. The more a company is exposed to a material risk on a given criterion because of its sector of activity, the higher the standard the analysts will hold it to regarding the quality of its practices. The very high degree of granularity of our proprietary methodology, with about 20 specific criteria and almost 70 sectors of activity identified makes a robust analysis possible of each issuer's risks and opportunities.


An integrated approach

To implement our Responsible Investment Policy, CPRAM relies on its own resources, as well as the considerable werewithall of the Amundi group, whose dedicated Responsible Investment department has more than 60 employees involved in ESG research, ESG scoring methodology, shareholder engagement and voting. 

Our approach covers all asset classes, geographical regions and investment themes, while taking on board their individual features.

Our ESG research is backed by more than 15 data providers.

A multi-certified ESG methodology

Our offering of responsible solutions includes a range of products that has been certified in countries in which they are distributed.



of AuM in certified funds


funds with at least one certification

Figures as of 31 December 2022; source: CPRAM