About us

As a pioneer in thematic investment, CPR Asset Management offers investment solutions on all asset classes – equities, fixed income, money market and multi-assets – to invest today in the megatrends of tomorrow. 

CPRAM connects investment to the world's new realities

CPRAM is an asset management firm that has stood with its clients for more than 30 years. We are a pioneer in thematic investment, with the ambition of addressing our century's major challenges, including environmental challenges, demographic and societal shifts, and technological revolution. 

We capitalise on all CPRAM's historical capabilities -- equities, corporate and government bonds, and multi-assets - to offer our clients solutions that invest today in the megatrends of tomorrow.

Our culture is on a human scale, agile and open-minded. This allows us to cultivate our ability to understand these megatrends to innovate at all times. We are proud at CPRAM to sponsor forward-looking issues and to be an actor of change. 



years of experience



under management



employees, one third of whom work in investment management

Source: CPRAM; figures as of 31/12/2023

Responsible Investment is a hallmark of our culture

We very early chose to be an actor of change by making Responsible Investment a hallmark of our strategies. This is part of our company's accountability to society and our fiduciary obligation to our clients. 

We are constantly structuring ourselves around Responsible Investment and innovating to develop our strategies and methodologies as the quality of data improves, investor awareness increases, and the market on the whole matures.


Our values


An attentive investment manager


Useful innovation is part of our DNA


The key to our commitment

Solid ownership

As a wholly owned subsidiary of Amundi, CPRAM combines the responsiveness of a human-scale company with the strength that comes from being part of Europe's leading asset management group.​​​​​​​

CPRAM has day-to-day access to the resources and support of Amundi's technical teams, particularly in terms of control and management of financial and operating risks, as well as middle- and back-office services.​​​​​​​


International ambition

CPRAM's ambition is to strengthen its presence on both its domestic market and internationally, particularly in Europe, Asia and the Middle East.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

To facilitate the international distribution of its flagship capabilities, in August 2014 CPRAM launched CPR Invest, a SICAV fund governed by Luxembourg law.