Multi asset

For more than 30 years, asset allocation has been a hallmark of our know-how and one that has weathered all market phases of recent years, including the main crises.

Flexible investment management

Multi-asset class management adapts its allocation to short-term market shifts by responsively adjusting the portfolio to various asset classes (equities, bonds, money-market, etc.) to cope with changing market configurations. By diversifying investments, flexible management helps limit risks.

Within this ever-evolving model, we seek to analyse the markets and risks in order to avail our clients of the best investment opportunities. This is the challenge that we have adressed for more than 30 years through our range of international diversified funds adjusted to each client profile.

Our management, strategy and research teams are constantly innovating to build up a multi-asset class strategy that combines responsiveness to flexibility within a well-defined risk framework.

Our management discipline is based on both our multi-scenario proprietary model and on our team's dynamic and responsive allocation. This has allowed us to provide robust asset allocation that seeks out long-term efficiency.


Asset allocation, the cornerstone of our strategies

CPRAM's approach aims first of all to seek out the best returns for a given level of risk and investment horizon. Asset allocation is the key to construction diversified portfolios.
Our approach addresses three key issues:

Devising the best allocation strategy possible

via an optimum combination of various eligible assets

Making risk management a hallmark of our management process

Management constrained by a pre-determined risk budget

Focusing on dynamic management of exposures

Capitalising on the team's management experience and setting up a responsive tactical allocation


Our multi-asset class strategies

  • A multi-scenario probabilised to expand the range of what's possible and to approach market risk as best as possible.
  • Using a proprietary asset allocation model to design an optimised portfolio based on chosen scenarios, the risk budget allocated, and the constraints on each individual portfolio.
  • Ongoing management of exposures via tactical allocation to adapt to short-term market conditions, capture opportunities and protect against risks.

budget-based management

Setting exposures responsively

Broad and modular universes

A probabilised
multi-scenario approach

A proprietary