Impact investing

Impact investing, as we see it, aims to accelerate the fair and sustainable transformation of the real economy.

From thematic investment to impact investment


With more than €20 billion in assets managed1 under thematic strategies, CPRAM is one of the main European asset managers in this asset class.

Since 2017, newly launched strategies have included a responsible approach to addressing our century's major social, demographic, technological, and climate challenges, including access to education and healthcare, the agro-food chain, reducing inequalities, developing a circular economy and protecting the oceans.

Impact investment, as we see it, aims to accelerate the fair and sustainable transformation of the real economy by providing evidence of its benefits.

(1) Figures as of 31 December 2022; source: CPRAM

Rethinking an investment philosophy

Thematic investment and impact investment do have some things in common, but the latter entail a change of paradigm in which financial returns are no longer evaluated alone but at the same level as social and/or environmental performance. 

So this is a comprehensive transformation of our practices that we are making, with an inevitable shift of mindsets by everyone, not just asset managers, but also company managers and leaders, investors and all stakeholders.

A thorough reference and research framework

Our impact investment philosophy adheres to reference frameworks such as the Paris Agreements and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Our managment processess meet industry standards, such as those set by the Global Impact Investing Network (GIIN), whose main features include the intention of helping to generate a positive or environmental impact, to steer the performance of impact investment, and to provide evidence of the impact of the investments.


Shareholder engagement: an essential pillar of our impact approach

CPRAM adheres fully to Amundi's investment policy, of which shareholder engagement is one of the basic pillars. That's why we play our shareholder role in full, particularly in exercising our voting rights and through shareholder dialogue. As the voting policy is applicable to all Amundi group entities, it is implemented by Amundi.

Our proactive shareholder engagement policy for companies in which we invest, aims to help disseminate good practices and to promote better integration of sustainable development in their governance, operations and more sustainable, inclusive and low-carbon business models.

This policy is implemented by analysts at both Amundi and CPRAM.


We also support them in better managing their impacts, in particular on those issues that are essential to sustainabilty in our our society and our economy and to boost their spending on investment, research and development in areas necessary to this transition.

A fully certified impact range

To date, four main strategies are regarded as impact investment at CPRAM – the Food For Generations, Education, Social Impact and Climate funds.

They are listed in the Amundi group's impact investment funds.

As part of its 2025 ESG ambitions, Amundi aims to reach its goal of €20bn in impact assets under management by broadening its range of solutions. As it currently contributes almost one quarter to meeting this goal, CPRAM adheres fully to the Amundi group's ambitions. Our experts take active part in the projects currently  undertaken to meet this objective colllectively.



2 social ones and 2 environmental ones



 in assets under management



of impact funds have been certifie

Figures as of 31 December  2022. Source: CPRAM

There is currently no industry-recognised certification of impact investment. ​​​​​​​However, CPRAM has initiated a stringent SRI certification procedure since 2019. This procedure has been progressive and targeted to meeting clients' needs for readability and transparency.

The Climate, Food For Generations and Social Impact fund lines have been awarded the official "ISR" [SRI] certification in France.

Education, Food For Generations and Social Impact have received the Belgian "Towards Sustainability" certification.

Annual Impact Reports

Climate range

Climate range



Food For Generations

Food For Generations

Social Impact

Social Impact