Liquidity solutions

For more than 30 years, we have provided active cash management solutions while focusing on liquidity and risk management.​​​​​​

A trustworthy partner

A benchmark player in cash management

For more than 30 years, CPRAM has relied on a unique ecosystem combining a nimble organisational set-up that stays on top of the markets and clients, with the wherewithal of a leading European asset manager.

Depending on your investment needs, CPRAM is there to support you with a broad range of funds with investment horizons ranging from a few weeks to two years.

An experienced management team

Cash management is handled by a dedicated team within our Fixed-Income team that covers all sectors thanks to its specialised credit managers and analysts.

CPRAM’s credit analysts are core members of the management team and, alongside the managers, make a direct contribution to the credit strategy applied to each portfolio. In doing so, they rely on the Amundi group’s global credit research teams.


Cash management solutions for your responsible investments

CPRAM offers investors a full range of cash management solutions integrating a responsible approach. Issuers are selected on the basis of both fundamental and ESG criteria.


A comprehensive offering to address your needs

Explore our standard short-term monetary solutions, along with our long-term solutions.

Money market

Long-term cash

The main risks incurred by these strategies are risk of loss of capital, interest-rate risk, credit risk, risks incurred from arbitrage and directional strategies, liquidity risks, and counterparty risks. To find out more about the fund’s risk profile, please refer to its legal documentation.